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A beautiful wish to you and your family --- live a happy life and everything goes well.一个美丽的祝福送给你和你的。

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one, it is customary to exchange greetings and well-wishes with our loved ones. When it comes to celebrating the New Year, English expressions can add a touch of charm and uniqueness to your messages. To help you convey your heartfelt wishes, here are 10 English New Year greetings:

  1. May the coming year bring you and your family happiness, prosperity, and good health. Let every aspect of your life be filled with joy and success.
  2. Wishing you a year filled with love, laughter, and endless possibilities. May all your dreams and aspirations come true.
  3. May the New Year be a time of new beginnings, new adventures, and new opportunities. Embrace the challenges and let the journey ahead be filled with excitement and fulfillment.
  4. As the clock strikes midnight, I raise my glass to toast to a year of unforgettable memories, cherished moments, and lifelong friendships. Here\'s to a year that will leave a lasting impression.
  5. May each day of the New Year be a blank canvas waiting to be filled with beautiful colors and inspiring moments. Paint your life with happiness and let your dreams take flight.
  6. In the realm of possibilities, the New Year holds infinite potential. May it bring you closer to your goals, ignite your passion, and unlock the doors to success.
  7. As we turn the page and enter a new chapter of our lives, let us leave behind the burdens of the past and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. May the New Year bring you clarity, strength, and wisdom.
  8. Let the spirit of the New Year fill your heart with hope and optimism. May it bring you the courage to pursue your dreams, the determination to overcome obstacles, and the resilience to bounce back from setbacks.
  9. As fireworks light up the sky and a sense of anticipation fills the air, remember that the New Year is not just about celebrating one night, but about embracing a mindset of growth, learning, and self-improvement throughout the year.
  10. May the New Year be like a breath of fresh air, revitalizing your spirit and energizing your soul. May it be a year of new experiences, exciting challenges, and boundless joy.


1. Wish you happiness and prosperity in the coming year. 祝你新的一年快乐幸福。

Start the Chinese New Year with a message of good fortune and well-being. May the year ahead be filled with joy, success, and endless blessings.

2. Good luck, good health, good fortune. May all these be with you in the coming year. 祝好运、健康、财富与你同在。

As the Lunar New Year approaches, may luck be on your side, may health accompany you every step of the way, and may fortune smile upon you. Embrace the festivities with a heart full of optimism and positivity.



May the Year of the Pig bring you good luck as abundant as the sea, prosperity as vast as the eastern mountains, a figure slimmer than the Nanshan Mountains, and a blissful and satisfying life. May your achievements soar high like a proud sheep and may the Spring Festival be filled with joy and happiness!

2、新年谁最红?速度赶超刘翔,挺拔有如姚明... 不是钻石是我的祝福声:新年快乐!

Who will be the most iconic figure in the New Year? Faster than Liu Xiang, as tall and impressive as Yao Ming... It\'s not a diamond, but the sound of my blessings: Happy New Year!


May the joy of last year accompany you throughout the year. May all your New Year\'s wishes come true. Wishing you a happy Year of the Dog and may everything go well!


May you never feel lonely in the brand new year. May your family find new joys, your income reach new heights, and may everything go smoothly and successfully!


May the New Year\'s bell bring you the joy of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. May the sunlight of the New Year shine upon your efforts throughout the year!


May the New Year not only be a time of laughter, but also a time of desire. May your desires be genuine and beautiful, and may your dreams come true with warmth!


Wishing you success in the new year, may everything go well for you, and may happiness know no bounds. Don\'t forget to cherish every happy day!


May the elements of the New Year give you a taste of fashion, a moment to smile among your companions of corny jokes. May the New Year bring you a wonderful life!


May you become a little star in the New Year, shining brightly and leading others forward!


Happy New Year and may good luck be with you!


I wish you happiness in the year of the Ox. I wish you happiness in the year of the Ox.

As we enter the Year of the Ox, may your days be filled with boundless happiness and prosperity. Just like the hardworking nature of the Ox, may you persevere in your endeavors and achieve great success.


新年快乐! Happy New Year

马到成功! Win success immediately upon arrival

马上有钱! Get rich immediately

合家欢乐,万事顺利! A happy family, all things go smoothly

春风得意! Be elated with the arrival of spring

羊年大吉! Best wishes in the Year of the Sheep

福星高照! Good fortune shines upon you

幸福安康! Happiness and health

好运连连! Good luck again and again

事业顺利! Smooth sailing in your career


关于英语新年祝福语例句如下: 1、I want to wish you longevity and health!愿你健康长寿!

As a new year begins, I want to extend my heartfelt wishes for longevity and good health to you. May each passing moment bring you more vitality and may you enjoy the best of life in the coming year.

2、Wishing you many future successes and the fulfillment of all your dreams. 祝你未来多个成功和梦想实现。

As you step into the New Year, I want to express my hope that you will achieve numerous successes and see all your dreams turn into reality. May each day bring you closer to your goals and may you never lose sight of your aspirations.

3、May this New Year be filled with joy, love, and endless opportunities. 祝愿新年充满快乐、爱和无尽的机遇。

May the New Year bring you boundless joy, love that warms your heart, and countless opportunities to grow and explore. Embrace the possibilities that lie ahead and cherish every moment that comes your way.

4、May the coming year be a year of growth, strength, and resilience. 祝愿新的一年成长、强大和逆境无惧。

As the New Year begins, I hope it becomes a year of personal growth, inner strength, and the ability to face any challenges that come your way. May you discover new capabilities within yourself and may your resilience shine through in every situation.

5、Wishing you a prosperous New Year filled with success, abundance, and good fortune. 祝你新年充满成功、丰富和幸运。

As we enter another year, I want to extend my warmest wishes for a prosperous New Year. May success greet you at every turn, abundance overflow in every aspect of your life, and good fortune accompany you on your journey.

6、May the New Year bring you endless laughter, unforgettable moments, and heartwarming memories. 祝愿新年带给您无尽的笑声、难忘的瞬间和温馨的回忆。

May the New Year be filled with joyous laughter that brightens your days, unforgettable moments that leave an indelible mark on your heart, and heartwarming memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. May each day be a beautiful chapter in the story of your life.

7、Wishing you a year of prosperity, good health, and new achievements. 祝你繁荣、健康、新成就的一年。

As we welcome the New Year, may prosperity follow you wherever you go, good health be your constant companion, and new achievements grace your journey. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and make every moment count.

8、May this New Year bring you closer to your dreams and inspire you to reach new heights. 祝愿新年让你离梦想更近,激励你攀登新高峰。

As you embark on a new year, may it bring you closer to your dreams, ignite your passion, and inspire you to reach new heights. May you have the courage to push boundaries, the perseverance to overcome obstacles, and the belief in yourself to make your dreams a reality.

9、May the New Year be a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. 祝愿新年是新的开始和崭新的起点。

As the New Year dawns upon us, let it be a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the opportunity to leave behind the past. Embrace the possibilities that the future holds and let this be the year that marks a positive change in your life.

10、Wishing you a year filled with love, happiness, and the fulfillment of all your desires. 祝你有一个充满爱、幸福和梦想实现的年份。

As we enter a new year, I want to extend my warmest wishes for love that knows no bounds, happiness that fills your every day, and the realization of all your heartfelt desires. May your life be a testament to the power of love and the pursuit of happiness.

11、May the New Year bring you an abundance of opportunities to grow, learn, and explore. 祝愿新年带给你丰富的成长、学习和探索机会。

With the arrival of the New Year, may you be presented with countless opportunities to grow as an individual, learn new skills, and explore new horizons. May this year be a transformative journey filled with excitement and personal development.

12、Wishing you a year of peace, serenity, and tranquility. 祝你有一个宁静